Leverage our SDKs and documentation to build an AI agent facing internet. Get liscensed real-time data from first party data sources in a few lines of code.

Why Tollbit?

Websites and complex UI are extra fluff in the emerging world of AI agents. We envision an internet where our personal agents can freely roam the internet, answering questions and acting on our behalf. They don't care how buttons look, they want the underlying data presented on the page.

Tollbit is aiming to power this application layer of AI. We provide scalable and liscensed access to realtime data from primary sources meant to perfectly integrate with your inference (or training) time data uses like RAG. Stop paying and wasting time scraping. Use Tollbit to go directly to the data instead.

How it works

The paradigm.

When using Tollbit, you have the Internet's data at your fingertips to build amazing AI applications. The key paradigm shift, is that all participating content providers will create a subdomain. Instead of scraping the human facing site, you can directly request tollbit.<anywebsite>.com/<content-path>, similarly as you have before. Except now, the response of that request is perfectly formatted for RAG and liscensed for one time use because you went straight to the source, instead of through a shady scraping third party.

Getting started

To get started, follow our quickstart


Getting Started

Learn how to make your first data requests in a few minutes.

Dashboard Overview

Learn how to interact with the Developer Dashboard or Dashboard API to configure your account.

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